Community Knitting

Join fellow knitters for a congenial evening of knitting and good company. Crocheters and other needle workers are welcome!

Monday, February 18th at the Library. Drop in anytime between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Future knitting nights will be scheduled for the remainder of the winter – stay tuned.


Citizen Scientist Program

Please join us on Sunday, March 10 at 5:30 pm (5:15 for refreshments) for our second Citizen Science program. Citizen Scientists are members of the general public who voluntarily contribute time, energy, and resources as part of collaborative projects with professional scientists. CitSci enables research to occur on a large geographic scale over time in ways that individual scientists are unable to duplicate. The scope of opportunity is vast – biology, literature, history, language, nature, medicine, art, physics, social services, climate and space! Our program will feature examples and projects based in the natural world. There will be four presentations: Wally Jenkins – Dragonfly days and data; Vermont dragonflies species diversity, life histories, behavior, and beauty. Cindy Sprague – A study on tracking the population of Eastern Ratsnakes in Addison County, Vermont. Eastern Ratsnakes are listed as state-threatened in Vermont and are rated a high-priority species of greatest conservation need (SGCN). Bob Hyams – Developing an ecosystem plan to protect the Hinesburg Hollow Road wetlands from invasive species. Michaela Stickney – Citizen Superheros of Lake Protection where voluntary lake shoreline surveys intersect with statutes to gain a high level of lake protection. Teens and adults are welcome. Please call 434-4583 or email hpl@gmavt.net for more information.



note:  Listen Up Vermont/Overdrive/Libby is moving to a two step authentication login system.  This will provide patrons with more security.

Patrons will use their barcode number as both their sign in and password (unless you come into the library and request that your password be changed).   If you are unable to login to Listen Up Vermont/Overdrive/Libby, please call 434.4583 or come by the Library to update your account.



Citizen Science Forum: Back by popular demand – the Cit Sci Forum will return in early spring 2019! If you are a citizen scientist please consider sharing your experiences with the community. Our first presenters (in 2016) were Wally Jenkins – Dragonflies, Cindy Sprague – Herps, Erin Talamge – iNaturalist 101, Ali Wagner – Birds, Elizabeth Spinney – Invasives, Larry Montague – Huntington Town Garage Stormwater Mitgation, John Hadden – Backyard Weatherman and Corina Parnapy – Winooski River Watershed Conservation. Please contact Anne at the Library if you are interested or know of another local citizen scientist.