Leta’s Book Reviews

GoodFatherThe Good Father by Noah Hawley

(Author of Before the Fall) copyright 2012

4 1/2 stars (Leta Watkins Pick)

What if you had a son from a previous marriage that is accused of assassinating a Presidential candidate that almost the entire country wants elected?  He was their new JFK, their hopes for a future, and their dreams of a better country.  This all rode on his shoulders.  This is a quick paced psychological thriller which keeps you in this eerie kind of zone as his father sets out on a quest to, against all odds, free his sons from the death sentence.  But first he must follow in his son’s steps as he ties together that last year of aimless wandering his son embarked on across USA.  This read keeps you so captivated and helplessly engaged right through to the end.  What an honest and poignant look at parenting.


The IdenticalsThe Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

copyright 2017 (my Adopted Author)

4 1/2 stars

Elin is at the top of her game!! – I’ve read all her 19 books and this one is a hoot and a juicy as can be! Story about twin identical sisters, one living on Nantucket Island, and the other, Martha’s Vineyard.  Twins are worlds apart & as different as can be, but estranged for over 10 years. Plot is original, but basically Parent Trap theme.  They find themselves in circumstances that have them switch lives and islands.  Tabitha has a completely out of control teenager, and Harper, a police record and enough scandalous behavior that she is shunned by the whole island.  This book cannot be more outrageous and has an incredible happy ending that warms the heart.  Pack this book into your summer bag and have a perfect beach theme and fun-filled novel!

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

(A Memoir) Copyright 2016

4 stars (Stacey’s pick)

Melton writes about her troubled life, starting in her youth, and describes the brutal

path that leads her to bulimia, drugs and wanton sex.  Once she hits rock bottom, pregnant and haven drunken black outs every night, she marries and starts a journey which leads to the ultimate betrayal by the man she assumed she could trust.  We watch as she delves unto psychotherapy, yoga and healthy pursuits and cheer Glennon on as she finally makes her way back. We are also astonished by how this married couple can face their pain and dysfunction and finally find a beautiful deep and true love.  An inspiring account of what it is to be a Love Warrior.